GEOSS Operating Guidelines

GEOSS operates based upon the plans, guidelines, and principles laid out in the many documents kept at .  It is administratively overseen by the Group On Earth Observations (GEO) .

Particular GEOSS documents important to the SIF include:

  • Strategic Guidance Document - This document answers strategic questions for current or potential
    contributors of GEOSS systems, from the perspective of high-level systems architecture and data
    management. A companion ‘Tactical Guidance Document ‘ (see below) provides more technical information for managers and implementors of systems, data centres, etc.

  • Tactical Guidance Document - This document is for technical managers (e.g. of information
    systems or data centres) seeking to contribute to and benefit from the GEOSS, and explains the
    ‘process’ to be followed to ensure that systems are compatible and suitably interfaced to the
    GEOSS. A companion ‘Strategic Guidance Document ’ (see above) provides high-level advice on systems architecture and data management.

For additional information about GEO and the GEOSS, see .

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